About ITN

About Independent Television Network

The Independent Television Network – The pioneer television station in Sri Lanka. Started operations on 13th April 1979 With very modest beginnings, and very basic equipment comprising a 1KW transmitter and a 65 foot antenna mast, ITN beamed programs to a radius of about 15 miles in and around Colombo. On 5th June 1979 ITN was converted to a government owned business undertaking, under a Competent Authority. In 1992 ITN was converted to a public company under State jurisdiction.

Subsequently both program and engineering services were extended. With Thirty Six years behind us local programs are given pride of place catering to all strata of society News and Current Affairs, Music and Variety, Drama are given pride of place. Special emphasis is also given to Children’s and Women’s and religious programs. ITN now has a daily transmission of 20 hours. There is also a small component of English programs mainly feature films and dramas with worldwide appeal. On the Engineering side five transmitting stations spread throughout the Island we are able to cover most parts of the Island. With the establishment of another transmitting station in the central hilly region it is expected that ITN programs will cover the entire Island.

Our Vision

To be the leader in Electronic Media

Our Mission

The Mission of ITN is to provide media solutions consistent with the Sri Lankan concept of Unity in Diversity, Nationally, Regionally & Worldwide

Objectives of the ITN

Develop human capital and media excellence for building a knowledge based society through providing unique programmes by covering the entire nation

Measure, evaluate and improve the quality of programs to fullfil the viewers’ expectations

Contribute to establish national media standards and targets taking due account of the different circumstances in various groups and communities

Inculcate productivity consciousness and an innovative and creative culture through P&Q promotion and partnership programs

Independent Television Network Ltd

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