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  • Lakshan 11 months ago

    First I would like to thank ITN and all the people who helped to success the Racing life with Dilantha Malagamuwa Program. However it is very sad to hear that this program will be finished after another few episodes. We as Sri Lankans request you to continue this program. This is the only Program to encourage us as Sri Lankans.
    Please continue Racing life with Dilantha Malagamuwa program. Thank you.

  • Lakshan 1 year ago

    Racing Life with Dilantha Malagamuwa

    I like this programme very much. As a Sri lankan racer Dilantha Malagamuwa is a very clever person. This is the first time in Sri lanka he is appreciating by a leading TV Channel. We hope Racing life with Dilantha Malagamuwa programme will continue on this tear too. Wish all the best.