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  • Nishtar Moomin 2 months ago

    l Although a lengthy solid 2 hours and 7 minutes was used to air this interview program, it was never felt like an uninspiring and a drawn-out telecast for me! Critiques may even call it a Pro-governmental propaganda; No harm in it. We need programmes like these at this juncture. However, to me, I found that Ven Dr. Dambara Amila Thero was determined to educate the mass and thus he together with Prof. Somaratne Dissanayaka made it a point to cover almost all corners of the current burning issues and other fervent situations in the country, be it politics, economy or even security. There were quite a number of Hot spot-on and significant questions put forth by Professor Dissanayake and exemplary explanations were fluently simplified by Ven Amila Thero. In addition, he responded exceptionally well to few of those incoming thorny and satirical questions from the public callers. All I can say is, it was Well thought, Well Prepared and Well Timed at a juncture when the Mass is somewhat perplexed and needs some kinda comfort and guidance politically and assuring. Well done ITN.