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  • I have made a comment for discussion since the program is not compatible with the real Buddha Dhamma though all resource persons related their contribution to the Truth. However with many reminders, so far my comment has not been published. This course of action amounts to misleading the general audience.
    Please arrange to post my comment.

  • Dear Hasantha
    Doramalawa 18th December 2017

    Dear Hasantha
    I have watched the above program fully and wish to bring the following to your kind notice with a faithful intention of preventing further deterioration of Buddha Dhamma. I am unable to type in Sinhala as well as I do not have the facility to do so, since I am away from the country at the moment. It would have been much better If I had the facilities to type in Sinhala since the Buddha Dhamma can only be explained fully in the original Buddha Language and Sinhala to a greater extent because Sinhala is very close to Buddha language (or Bhashawa). It was very surprising to note that the program was full of irregularities in my opinion since all resource persons except for one however including you created an atmosphere before the entire audience that will harm the credibility of real Buddha Dhamma.

    In first place Mindfulness is not real meaning of the “Sathiya”. There is a vast difference in the meaning. It will be helpful for the Westerners who do not have a fraction of knowledge in the real Buddha Dhamma. It is very disgusting to note that all of your resource persons except one who did not touch Buddha Dhamma in his contribution vastly responsible for distorting the noble Truth.

    1. One who explained the Meditation (Bhawana) as to have practiced in his Management programs said that he introduced the meditation pattern whilst waking (Sakman Bhawanawa) was very useful in calming down the mind. It is, yes. But it shouldn’t have been introduced as a method practiced in Buddha Dhamma. It is not, as far as I know. That is the teaching of “Buddhagosha”- Buddha Dhamma is quite different and the only Truth.
    2.Then the one who was very vocal about “Abhi Dhamma” and various beliefs which are against the Truth, explained “Sabba Kaya” completely different from what I have learnt in the real Truth (Buddha Dhamma) That was a complete distortion of real Buddha Dhamma. He looks like one of our politicians who wears many folds of so called blessed tagging all over body parts specially rings of various kinds full of gems as attractions. Above all rolls of thread round their necks and wrists. Is this what this gentleman wants us to follow? for that matter our innocent youngsters. Is he interested in marketing products of south Korea and China. This is the way people with different interests ruin our culture and values going beyond our younger generation. This person has to apologize to the nation for misusing the media. Also, you, Hasantha will have to take the responsibility for such encouragement of primitive practices through a responsible Media. It is a shame in my opinion. People should not be allowed to meddle with our Noble Buddha Dhamma in which primitive practices of the nature are no longer exist. Don’t accept people, just because, they have many letters after their names to contribute as resource persons, in an important and noble topic. You must be able adjudge as an experience media person. At least you should have had enough know how and courage to stop such utterances then and there misleading the entire audience. This is not only important but also a very, very, sensitive and noble topic which was completely misinterpreted in the program in my opinion.
    3.One from education sector introduced certain acts of calming down the mind however, didn’t relate those to the Truth which is a wise decision but agreed with the Ven. Thera. However, his proposals will only hold good as a temporary measure for the people who do not have access to real Dhamma as we do, being Sri Lankans. Also for your information I should say “Sathiya” alone cannot be taught in schools at least fundamentals of Buddha Dhamma not the – “Buddhagosha Dhamma” has to go along with it. “Buddhagosha” so called, what I wish to call him, as a translator has distorted the real Buddha Dhamma, and what was presented right throughout the program was Buddhagosha,s version. What a shame for a country with pure Buddha Dhamma? In addition, I heard that there, going to be a global conference on Mindfulness in Sri Lanka with the participation of our President. Why do we need “Mindfulness” Is there any useful meaning to that translated version of word “Sathiya”. Can “Sathiya” be taken away from the real Dhamma and taught as Mindfulness. This could be a word picked up by a disgruntled Westerner and our people are going behind it as was the case for everything. Imported is always grabbed with no “Sathiya”.

    4. Ven. Thera explained many things tolerably within the Dhamma however only good for the worldly attractive behaviour which will help people to continue to be in the “Sansara” without ridding of that suffering, which the real Buddha Dhamma is meant for. But he also defected in describing the method of (Bhawana)meditation whilst walking (Sakman Bawana). He also faulted in many aspects being a Buddhist monk.
    5. You (Hasantha)have conducted Doramadalawa for 17 long years and never created such a chaos to my knowledge during any of them to this extent.
    Hasantha therefore please avoid conducting future programs on this subject unless you have proper resource persons which otherwise will be in my opinion a great injustice to the Noble Truth. You will be in real disaster since it is a sin unforgivable, to assist and abet.

    You further said that this is a very important subject. Yes, it is. Therefore, it is very important I should say to stop telecasting any more programs until you become confident that you are doing the right thing. I am not a competent person to preach or teach, only a follower of Noble Truth but, I only know that the program was completely a faux pas in my opinion.
    I look forward to hearing from you Hasantha. Tell me if I am wrong. Also, please get someone to interpret exactly what the “Sathiya” is and teach the Westerners an appropriate word for it as we are the pioneers.

  • I am not agreeable with the word “Sathimath Bhawaya” Who has created this word? What is the link between this and “Satiya”. Mindfulness need not be brought in to our schools in my opinion. We have the real Buddha Dhamma” in our country, to deal with any situation. Why people want to import it when we have enough of it in the original form.