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Discussion, Giraya

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  • Brindley 4 months ago

    Mee aanduweth anikuth thibuna aandu walath lokuma prasnaya thamai “Duushanay” Horu allanawa kiwwa aanduwa methek kisima horek allala sira gatha karala nehe. Ath adanguwata gannawa, kelinma Hospital gatha wenawa, sathi kihipayakata pasu epa pita nidahas karanawa. Ethanin passe mokuth wenne nehe. Balaagena yanakota degollama ekai .’You scratch my back and I scratch your back” This is what we need to change.

  • Brindley 4 months ago

    “Buddhaagama” in other words, Buddhist religion, I think is a wrong connotation, Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy. Instead of calling Bhauddha Dharshanaya” or Buddhist philosophy why do we keep on calling “.Buddhist religion” or Buddhagama?? According to Oxford dictionary a religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, specifically a personal God or gods, a particular system of faith and worship. .Could the learned monk please explain?