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  • Dr Vasantha de Silva 3 years ago

    Thank you ITN for broadcasting this superb programme on Amarasiri Pieris. As Jayantha Chadrasiri said he is the singer for future cinema and teledrama. I enjoyed this programme enormously. It was very educational too.
    However, there are one or two points on which I beg to disagree with Prof Carlo Fonseka who has been very kind to me personally at postgraduate medical examinations. Firstly his comment that Sinhala music is only approximately 100 yrs old. Sinhala music or for that matter any music cannot be given an age. Present day Sinhala music has evolved over many centuries perhaps from the time the Hela commenced as a nation. I am sure the learned professor had the opportunity to listen to the music of the recent film Maharaja Gemunu which gives a taste of the old Hela music during the Yaksa Gothra days. Present day Sinhala music has evolved from that old Yaksa Gothrika Hela music which people sang many centuries ago.
    The other point I disagree with Prof Fonseka is on the inheritance of the voice. He says he does not believe on Samsaragatha inheritance of voice. I disagree with his opinion. There are many present day singers who sing the songs of their parents and many of them indeed resemble the father’s voice. Typical examples are sons of Milton Perera, Dharmadasa Walpola, CT Fernando. Hence it appears that there is some inheritance of the voice through genes.