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Educational, Nenasa

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  • this is very good one. but we cant download. please help . thanks a lot

  • nipuni 4 years ago

    aththatama cartoon walata wada hoda programme ekak. anek channel walath me wage ewa danawanam hodai. good.

  • this video is not downloading.(Try on 2013-11-02).
    Can you give a clear advice about download videos.

    :-I have try as in the site. But this link and some A/L links send 0 size file to my download list.

    Thank You , Have a Good Day.

  • nayani nawarathna 4 years ago

    this program is very useful one. thans itn

  • nishantha 4 years ago

    yes. this is very useful programme for our kids. thank you ITN !! I can’t find model paper download link related to this video ? also previous videos. Thanks.

  • grade 5 exam ekata godak usefull programme ekak